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Lih Silveira

Set Gaudi

Set Gaudi

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The Gaudí Set, a perfect combination of style, elegance and sophistication. This set consists of a Wide Leg Jeans and a Tulle Top, both adorned with stunning handmade details.

The Wide Leg Jeans are made of 100% cotton, providing comfort and durability. It stands out for the manual embroidery of beads, glass, canutils and sequins, which add a touch of shine and glamour to the piece. Its wide leg modeling provides an impeccable fit and values the female silhouette.

The Tulle Top is a sophisticated piece, with velvet details that add an extra dose of elegance. Like the pants, it is also adorned with a meticulously handcrafted embroidery, composed of beads, canutilhos, glass and sequins, ensuring a stunning shine and a luxurious texture.

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